Scarlet School

About Scarlet School

Scarlet School is a 2-D RPG where users play as a middle schooler navigating their first menstrual cycle. The game is designed to promote the education and awareness of menstrual health, and aims to engage not only individuals who menstruate, but to be entertaining for non-menstruating users as well. Players begin each day of the menstrual cycle with an agenda of tasks to be completed throughout a school day. The goals encompass successfully traversing a virtual school to complete a variety of minigames, each of which contain period-related themes, but have an engaging and exciting nature for all players.

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In the game, players will role play as a student, with the goal of surviving all 7 days of their first period. We avoid specifying gender of the player, as it is important to us to provide customization to account for girls, trans boys, nonbinary people, and intersex people who may all menstruate. To maintain the storyline, non-menstruating users will be encouraged to role play as a menstruating individual to experience related events through a first-person lens. There will be significant customization features for players, including character design (hair, skin, facial features, height, etc.) and clothing.

Software Used

We used Unity Engine to create the game.


This game was created by Jacqueline Mei, Maggie Xu, and William Zeng.