Plasticity Project

About Plasticity Project

Plasticity Project is a project that advocates for the lives of ocean invertebrates. Led by JD Whitman, the team aims to spread awareness of plastic pollution on ocean invertebrates and how this can be detrimental to the planet. The exhibition uses recycled plastic to set up immersive and interactive art installations to introduce the viewers to the wonders of the marine realm. More information can be found:

Plasticity Project Website


Together with a team of two others from the University of Chicago, we came together to enhance the viewer's exerience with the exhibition through app developement. It has been proven that hands on learning helps people learn quicker and better. Thus, our app concept was to animate a drawing of any ocean invertebrate onto a camera screen so that participates can control them by tapping on the screen.


Personally, I was always a strong advocate for environmental preservement. During freshman year, I was always pondering how I can make an impact on the strive towards environmental advocacy while still pursuing computer science. That is how I found Plasticity Project. While I am not directly involved with speaking for the environment, the app that I developed with my team serves to enhance users with an experience that can teach them to appreciate nature more. In the future, I want to involve myself with more of these types of projects that can help educating the mass and advocating for the environment.

Software Used

We used react-native to build a cross-platform phone application. The frontend was built using various js libraries, html, and css. The backend was built using Flask, Heroku, MongoDB, and Amazon S3.