Mobile Cooking

About Mobile Cooking

Cooking is a dangerous activity. It requires using sharp objects and working with fire. With danger in every corner of the kitchen, it’s hard to let our children cook freely or even handle utensils by themselves. Because of this, many young adults or even adults who want to delve into cooking find it hard to face this uncharted territory. In order to be able to safely introduce cooking to not only young children, but also aspiring chefs, we want to make an application that safely introduces and teaches individuals how to handle various cooking supplies. In our research, we will survey and collect data on different ways various people handle knives and pans. Specifically, we want to make use of Apple device’s motion sensors to analyze phone motions captured when executing cooking activities.

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Our original idea stemmed from the idea that many college kids expressed the want to get into cooking but never do because of the fear of injury or simply messing up the ingredients. While pondering about a potential solution, we thought about the well known game application Cooking Mama (Thompson, 2019). Cooking Mama has been known to be the starting point to many adolescence’s cooking careers. From desserts to meals, cooking mama introduces recipes and the excitement of cooking to their players. This game was widely accepted because of elements that were not real such as sped up meal prep time, rapid chopping, and efficient sauteing. As Thompson states, a large part that drives players to grind this game out and pour hours into completing recipes is the feedback Cooking Mama gives if the dish turns out mediocre (Thompson, 2019). The joy comes from feeling like they learned real cooking skills from the game. Our project aims to tackle the same experience by heightened, so that players can apply their skills to real life instead of just swiping movements on their screens

Software Used

We used Unity Engine to create the game.


This game was created by Olivia Jerdee, Katherine Sun, and William Zeng.